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Best Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Whether you’re a parent or not, you may need some inspiration when deciding what gift to buy for a baby shower! It becomes difficult when you want to buy something thoughtful and unique, yet useful, and may not have the biggest budget to help! We’re here to share some fantastic ideas that parents and bubs are sure to love!

Natural baby shower gifts?

With more and more people making the switch to all-natural, plant-based products to limit their exposure to toxic chemicals such as pesticides, fragrances, and dyes, there are now many natural alternatives available for most great baby shower or gender reveal gift ideas! Whether the new parents have a particular preference for natural or not, at the end of the day, they will appreciate your gift (no matter what it is!) and the time you've spent thoughtfully selecting it. 


1. Muslin blanket

A muslin blanket is made of cotton which is a lightweight, finely woven and breathable material that is soft and gentle on the skin. They are generally used to wrap around babies as blankets or swaddles. As a parent, it comes in handy to own a few muslin blankets and depending on the brand you purchase, they won’t break the bank!

2. Baby milestone cards

Do you ever see those adorable pictures of babies holding up cards saying they're ‘x months old today’? They’re called baby milestone cards and can be a perfect gift to take to a baby shower. These cards are used for documenting growth and changes of the baby in their first year earth side.  


3. Baby clothes, socks and toys

As a new parent, dressing your newborn in super adorable outfits becomes such a fun task for the day… until they spew all over their new white top. You can never have enough clothes, socks and toys so it’s a good idea to give an expecting mom a stash in different sizes that she can rely on.

4. New mom gift box

The postpartum stage can be difficult for new moms so its nice to show that you understand how they’re feeling and the changes that their body might encounter. Ideas to put in the new mom gift box could include: Veeda postpartum pads and liners, Veeda postpartum underwear, Veeda period pads, Happy Little Camper baby wipes, Happy little Camper diapers and Veeda feminine wipes. These will all come in handy for a new mom and will help her adjust to taking care of her post-partum body and her newborn baby.

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5. A book with a personal note

My mom always told me that whenever I give a book as a gift, I should always write in the front of it. As a new parent, there are endless questions you have about your baby’s habits and also your own. Buying a guide to or self-help book can be a personal way to help support and guide the expecting parents when they may be feeling lost or curious.

6. Diaper cake

A diaper cake is a creative way of gifting essential items that all new parents need – diapers. They’re not difficult to make and allow you to add your own personal touch. On the top of the cake, you can also add items such as: stuffed toys, blankets, a dummy, clothes, socks, shoes etc to personalize it further. Don't know bub's gender yet? Not a problem! Happy Little Camper diapers are absorbent from front to back and in the middle, protecting little ones of any gender from all angles! Scroll down to read our step-by-step guides to making two different styles of diaper cakes!


7. Silicone feeding set

As many people know, dinner time can get quite messy with a baby. A silicone feeding set makes breakfast, lunch and dinner so much easier for the parents and for bub. A feeding set normally contains a bib, knife, fork, spoon and plate. The benefits of the materials being silicone means that they’re super quick and easy to wash and dry and are extremely durable.

8. Baby skincare set

A baby’s skin is super soft and sensitive so it’s important to take care of it properly. Baby skincare sets may include: baby bath wash, shampoo, baby lotion, baby oil, baby powder and baby wipes. These are must haves for a new parents to keep bub clean and fresh. Whilst we are obviously passionate about the benefits of natural products, a baby’s skin is extra sensitive and can overreact to exposure to certain environmental factors and chemicals. It's therefore important that anything that touches the skin is full of safe ingredients and nutrients to soothe, protect and hydrate bubs' sensitive skin. Look for products that are dermatologically tested and hypoallergenic to avoid causing flare-ups.


We hope that our top eight practical gift ideas have helped you with the perfect baby shower gift!

How to make a Diaper Cake (rolled)


We’re here to help provide a step-by-step guide on how to make the perfect diaper cake! Whether you’re simply lacking time, just don’t know what to get or have to buy something on a budget, diaper cakes can be a thoughtful, inexpensive and time-efficient gift to give a new (or existing) parent.

How to make a folding Diaper Cake (non-rolled) 


Making a diaper cake can be easy with practice but it can be difficult to know where to start. There are many different types of diaper cakes and methods to build them. The post popular method is using rolled-up diapers, however some moms find it time consuming unrolling them to put them away. 

Most diapers are bleached white...


How are you meant to know what’s best for you and your baby if you’ve never had one before? There are so many diapers to choose from, which one is the best and why? All your friends try to tell you that the brand they use is what you should be using, but there are many harsh chemicals in a large number of commercial diapers so what should you be looking out for?

All about Wetness Indicators 


You know those little wetness indicator strips on your baby’s diaper? Have you noticed that Happy Little Camper diapers don’t have them? There’s a good reason for that! While the wetness indicator offers the convenience of knowing when baby is wet, the strips are actually made out of harmful chemical dye. 

Disposable diaper or cloth diaper?


A popular topic of conversation amongst many moms is whether disposable or cloth diapers are better.  In this blog we highlight important factors to consider such as: cost, time, convenience, performance and environmental impact to analyse both options. These factors may vary for each individual but we’re here to provide food for thought!

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