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Benefits of natural cotton

Cotton is one of the world’s oldest known fibres 

and remains the most widely used natural fibre in the world.

Why is GMO-free cotton important?


Conventionally grown GMO cotton is one of the most toxic crops in the world, accounting for up to 25% of the world’s use of insecticides for its 2.5% of global cropland!

These toxic agrochemicals are linked to cancer, infertility, and birth defects, and unfortunately due to the heavy irrigation required to grow cotton, these chemicals are quickly washed into nearby rivers and groundwater. From there, these chemicals permeate into every part of the ecosystem, contaminating drinking water, land, food, and the air we breathe.

Skin is the body’s largest organ and whilst we don’t yet know how quickly and what percentage of chemicals end up in the bloodstream, we do know that many pharmaceuticals are effectively delivered trans-dermally via patches and creams. In the same way, chemicals in personal care products are also absorbed through the skin.

Baby’s skin is thinner and therefore more permeable than adult’s skin. Babies are also more heavily exposed to toxins in proportion to their body weight, resulting in an increased vulnerability to exposure to toxins.

When you consider how long babies are in nappies for, and the dangerous chemicals that GMO cotton has been sprayed with, your baby’s skin is potentially being exposed to accumulative amounts of toxic ingredients soaking into their tiny bodies. 

Here at Happy Little Camper, we choose to avoid repeated exposure to harsh chemicals. 

Due to the sensitivity of a baby’s skin, the top and back sheet of our nappies are made up of GMO-free cotton. This means that not only is your baby comfortable in Happy Little Camper, but also safe and free from harsh chemicals.


Sustainably sourced and manufactured, Happy Little Camper is made without fragrances, harsh chemicals or dyes. Our products are both functional and comfortable offering ultra-absorbent leak proof protection without compromising on quality.

Hypoallergenic Diapers

The absence of added fragrances, harmful dyes, and chlorine, latex, phthalates, parabens make Happy Little Camper Diapers hypoallergenic. 

Plant-Based Ingredients

Made with soothing natural, plant-based ingredients that are gentle on baby's delicate skin whilst having a lower environmental impact. 

FSC Certified

We source only the purest, sustainably sourced pulp and natural cotton which are all approved by Mother Nature and FSC certified.


Super soft, GMO-Free Cotton Blend top and back sheet ensures that your baby’s delicate skin comes only into contact with the purest ingredients. 

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