All Natural Cotton Baby Wipes With Aloe Vera (bulk ad) - Happy Little Camper

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Protect Your Little One's Sensitive Skin

Happy Little Camper natural cotton baby wipes with aloe vera are non-toxic, fragrance free, alcohol free & chemical free. Our unscented hypoallergenic cotton baby wipes are free from harmful chemicals and dyes and pure, gentle and safe for babies, toddlers and children. Natural cotton ultra-soft and thick baby wipes for an easy, one-wipe clean. 

WE LOVE NATURAL - The Cleanest, Greenest wipe on the market. Made from naturally absorbent GMO-free cotton, and our CLEAN SOLUTION we select the purest ingredients for our products, (unlike our competitors).

HYPOALLERGENIC - dermatologically tested, gentle conditioning formula designed to reduce the risk of irritation or allergic reaction.

ALOE VERA protects your baby’s sensitive skin with ultra-soft wipes.

NON-TOXIC - our products are free from dyes, fragrances, non-woven synthetics, alcohol, chlorine, parabens, PEGs and other harmful chemicals.

MOTHER NATURE APPROVED - we are committed to sustainable manufacturing practices, and packaging made from 40% recycled materials. We use 100% biodegradable and compostable cotton, free of optical brighteners and totally chlorine free. 

All Happy Little Camper wipes are free from animal origin ingredients.

Happy Little Camper Baby Wipes contain pure, natural, organic extracts to gently cleanse, soothe and care for your baby’s skin at change time. Happy Little Camper Water Wipes are not only perfect for babies, but they can also be used as make up removers and are very handy to have in your home, car and hand bag too.

  • Ideal for sensitive skin: Happy Little Camper water wipes are gentle enough for premature, newborn and infant skin

  • 100% All natural, plant based ingredients, with no nasties!

  • Super soft and Non-irritating

  • No chlorine, phthalates, parabens

  • Alcohol and Fragrance Free

  • Handy Flip-Top Lid