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Fun (and not so fun) facts

April 01, 2020 1 min read

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  • It takes only 26 seconds for a baby’s delicate skin to absorb harsh toxins and chemicals.

  • A baby may be exposed to over 30 harmful chemicals and materials with traditional diapers and wipes.

  • A baby’s diaper area is one of the most delicate areas and highly absorbent areas of their tiny little bodies and susceptible to pH imbalance which can cause skin irritation, infections and allergic reactions.

  • 100% of babies have delicate and sensitive skin. And up to 20% of babies are affected by severe skin conditions like eczema.

  • Average baby uses about 2,000+ diapers and about 6,000+ wipes before potty-training.  

  • Wipes have so many convenient uses including diapering, potty training, cleaning up food and play time messes, quick freshen ups, make up removal and much more.

  • Many conventional diapers and wipes contain harmful and irritating chemicals and many natural and organic diapers and wipes are super expensive. 

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