Why are Happy Little Camper diapers packaged in i'm green plastic?

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Why are Happy Little Camper diapers packaged in plastic?

December 03, 2021 2 min read

Why are Happy Little Camper diapers packaged in plastic?

Happy Little Camper natural diapers are wrapped in plastic packaging that can be recycled after use. We believe in providing products that are better for you and better for the planet. By creating packaging that is recyclable, we are contributing to a circular economy.

What is a circular economy?

A circular economy process stems from the model of production and consumption. This process consists of sharing, reusing, repairing, refurbishing and recycling products for as long as possible. In this way, the cycle of our products is longer lasting than the traditional take, make, use, consume then throw away pattern.

In a circular economy process, materials are kept within the economy once the product reaches the end of its life. Once your Happy Little Camper diapers have been used, the packaging can be placed into a recycling bin for collection which it will then be used to manufacture new plastic bottles, containers and durable plastics. 

Is plastic packaging is better than paper?

There is often a public misconception that using plastic packaging is more harmful to the environment than paper packaging. However, paper bags use significantly more resources to produce, are harder to recycle, contribute to greenhouse gas emissions and have a limited recyclable lifespan.

The facts.

  • The production of paper bags uses four times more water than plastic packaging does and produces 3.1 times more greenhouse gases.
  • Paper bags weigh approximately eight times more than plastic which means they are harder to transport due to increased volume. More transportation = more emission of carbon dioxide.
  • Paper has a limited recyclable lifespan because its fibres break down towards the end of its recyclable lifespan. Plastic does not suffer from this and can be used to reproduce recyclable plastics indefinitely.
  • Plastic packaging is harmful when littered or disposed of incorrectly as it harms wildlife and blocks waterways. If disposed correctly, they are a safe and reusable resource.

Where we are using plastic packaging, we’re investing in more sustainable alternatives:

I’m green PE Bag Wrap (>51% Biobased verified by ASTM D6866)

Packaging for our Happy Little Camper diapers ranges are “I'm green”, bio-based and made from ethanol sugarcane, a renewable resource. I’m green represents a better use of natural resources and helps reduce CO2 emissions.

When I’m green bio-based polyethylene reaches the end of its useful life, it can be recycled just like conventional polyethylene.

Happy Little Camper recyclable packaging.

Happy Little Camper strives to be better for you and better for the planet. With the use of recyclable packaging, if disposed of correctly, can contribute to a sustainable and circular economy.  Happy Little Camper nappies can be purchased HERE


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