Happy Little Camper Natural Cotton Baby Wipes

March 03, 2020 2 min read

baby wipes for use on face and body

As parents we tend to get particular about certain items we use on our kids.  They have soft, sensitive skin and sensitive tummies. Some kids can react to the most seemingly innocuous things. Luckily, there are a lot of options these days when it comes to products.

We recently tried out Happy Little Camper 100% Cotton Baby Wipes as one of those options. Happy Little Camper wipes are made from cotton, no poly blends, so they are soft and biodegradable.  They are also free of parabens, fragrances,  alcohol, sulfites, and chlorine.
They have water for moisture, organic aloe vera for soothing, and a few simple preservatives to prevent mold.

We like them for three big reasons:

-The lack of alcohols or other harsh ingredients means they don’t burn and make baby scream after a round of acid poops. If your baby has started eating solids, you know what I mean.

-There is no fragrance. I can tell there is aloe, but aside from that, there is no smell. My husband absolutely hates baby wipe smells. I can’t blame him. As much as I like good fragrance,  I also know they contain a lot of questionable ingredients,  all hidden under the label of ‘fragrance’. Plus, I tend to use the baby wipes on much more than butts. I wipe hands and faces with them if we are out. I even use them to wash my own face and remove eye makeup.

-They are thick!! Well, the non-flushable wipes are. Have you ever used super cheap thin wipes and had them just roll up in your hand? It is annoying and gross. Happy Little Camper wipes are thick and get the job done.

You can also get Happy Little Camper wipes in a flushable variety, but as always, use some good judgment in regards to your home’s plumbing. They do however, break down faster than toilet paper! 

Happy Little Camper is a Naturalena brand. Naturalena also makes natural cotton feminine hygiene items, and is committed to creating chemically safe products without synthetics.

Learn more at the Happy Little Camper’s site.

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Don’t forget to take a cue from the name and stock up for all the summer camping coming up!