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8 Best Baby Shower Gift Ideas

July 11, 2022 3 min read

8 Best Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Whether you’re a mom or not, you may need a memory jog when deciding what gift to buy for a baby shower! It becomes difficult when you want to buy something thoughtful and unique, yet useful and may not have the biggest budget to help! We’re here to lend you some fantastic ideas that mom and bub are sure to love!

  1. Muslin blanket

A muslin blanket is made of cotton which is a lightweight, finely woven and breathable material that is soft and gentle on the skin. Mothers generally use it to wrap around their babies as blankets or swaddles. As a mother, it comes in handy to own a few muslin blankets and depending on the brand you purchase, they won’t break the bank.


  1. Baby milestone cards

Do you ever see those adorable pictures of baby’s holding up cards saying they're ‘x months old today’? They’re called baby milestone cards and can be a perfect gift to take to a baby shower. These cards are used for documenting growth and changes of the baby in their first year earth side.  


  1. Baby clothes, shoes and toys

As a new mom, dressing your newborn in super adorable outfits becomes such a fun task for the day… until they spew all over their new white top. You can never have enough clothes, shoes and toys so it’s a good idea to give an expecting mom a stash in different sizes that she can rely on.


  1. New mum gift box

The postpartum stage can be difficult for new moms so its nice to show that you understand how they’re feeling and the changes that their body might encounter. Ideas to put in the new mom gift box could include: Veeda incontinence liners, Veeda period pads, Happy Little Camper baby wipes, Happy little Camper nappies and Veeda feminine wipes. These will all come in handy for a new mom and will help her adjust to taking care of her post-partum body and her newborn baby.

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  1. A book with a personal note

My mom always told me that whenever I give a book as a gift, I should always write in the front of it. As a new mom, there are endless questions you have about your baby’s habits and also your own. Buying a guide to or self-help book can be a personal way to help support and guide the expecting mom when she may be feeling lost or curious.


  1. Diaper cake

A diaper cake is a creative way of gifting essential items that all new moms need – nappies. They’re not difficult to make and allow you to add your own personal touch. On the top of the cake, you can also add items such as: stuffed toys, blankets, a dummy, clothes, socks, shoes etc. Read our blogs on how to make a diaper cake HERE  



  1. Silicone feeding set

As many people know, dinner time can get quite messy with a new born. A silicone feeding set makes breakfast, lunch and dinner so much easier for both mom and baby. A feeding set normally contains a bib, knife, fork, spoon and plate. The benefits of the materials being silicone means that they’re super quick and easy to wash and dry and are extremely durable.


  1. Baby skincare set

A baby’s skin is super soft and sensitive so it’s important to take care of it properly. Baby skincare sets may include: baby bath wash, shampoo, baby lotion, baby oil and baby powder. These are must haves for a new mum to keep her baby clean and fresh.


We hope that our top eight practical gift ideas have helped you gift mom and baby the perfect baby shower gift!




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