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Natural Absorbent/Leak-Proof Diapers

Made with premium non-GMO cotton, dermatologically tested and proven hypoallergenic.

The best natural diapers with ultimate comfort and reliable protection for happy babies.  Protect your baby’s delicate skin with gentle and all-natural ingredients. Be worry-free with the ultra-absorbent natural wood pulp bio-core blend to soak up more liquid than other conventional and organic brands.  Our breathable materials wick away moisture to keep your baby’s diaper area free from skin irritations and won't leak.

✓  Sustainably grown wood pulp bio-core blend: reliable natural diapers that don't leak
✓  Contains soothing Aloe Vera, Vitamin E: protect baby’s sensitive skin, significantly reduces the risk of allergic reactions and irritations 
✓  Secure fit diaper shape: soft, strong and stretchy stay-put tabs
✓  Safe for the earth: sustainably-sourced materials and recyclable packaging
✓  Designed with our lovable owl print: without lead or heavy metals in the ink
✓  Diaper sizes 1 through 5 available

Does NOT contain:

X  Chlorine bleaching
Optical brighteners
 Parabens, harmful chemicals
X  Fragrance, lotion



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