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December 19, 2018 2 min read

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This time of year is all about holiday cheer, seasonal giving, and quality family time. Although, some people experience the “winter blues,”  and it’s more women than men, but ladies, there’s a bonus to winter months you might not have expected.

Whether you’re trying for your first child or you’re ready to have another baby, listen up, wishful mommies. Did you know that winter months increases your chances of conception? Yes!

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Winter Months = Healthier Sperm

Have you heard the advice that most men shouldn’t wear tight briefs? This is because heat isn’t good for sperm. So, it makes sense that your hubby’s swimmers maneuver faster and are overall more healthy during the colder months. According to theAmerican Journal of Obstetrics & Gynecology,the motility and morphology of the sperm showed an improvement during winter as opposed to spring and summer.

In simpler terms, sperm swam faster and are healthier during the cold season as opposed to other times of the year. In fact, research tested 6,455 semen sample and found a whopping 70 millionsperm per milliliter were produced in the winter. Spring came in second at 68 million, and out of that number 3 to 5 percent were considered to have “fast” motility.

Winter Weather & Baby-Making

Did you know that out of all the seasons, more babies are born in the fall as opposed to the winter? This is linked to the research that found healthier sperm in the winter time. It can also mean that the cold months make couples snuggle up more, enjoying the holiday and new year buzz. It’s likely that there’s a higher intimacy rate due to men feeling a little friskier during winter months. In fact, scientist found that men were more aroused and wanted sex more in the winter.

Harvard University psychologist, Dr. Lehmiller has stated, “The research gives us reason to suspect that the weather isn’t the only thing that changes with the seasons.”

Analyzing Birth Trends

The winter months is more than the time to get your flu shot, rush to complete your holiday shopping list, and plan your seasonal party. All you wishful mamas, go ahead and get extra close to your hubby this winter if you’re trying to expand your family. Granted, there are many factors that play a role in having a baby. Only 30 percent of couples trying to conceive do so within the first three months. On average, 85 percent of couples trying to conceive get pregnant within 12 cycles, or about one year. For the majority of couples, however, roughly 93 to 95 percent get pregnant within 48 cycles or two years. So, whether you decide to start trying to conceive during the winter time or during other seasons, it’s up to you!


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