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June 07, 2017 1 min read

This week has flown by (while also feeling like it dragged on). I hope your week was great, but I hope your weekend is even better! Here are a few things I found this week, including best reads for Moms and hot new baby gear that you should definitely check out.

These are 100% all natural cotton wipes, which means I’m not worried about any gross chemicals. They have enough moisture without being too wet, and have held up well with some pretty nasty diaper changes! What I really like (and why I’m sharing them) is that they make a flushable wipe that is SEPTIC friendly. Now if you don’t have a septic tank, you may not understand why that is a big deal, but as a homeowner with one, trust me… those mamas know! Thanks to the Happy Little Camper team for sending me a sample to try out.

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