January 27, 2020 2 min read

What Dangerous Chemicals are in Diapers? 

Did you know that there are a bunch of dangerous chemicals in conventional diapers? It’s true. That’s pretty scary to think about considering a diaper is right up against your baby’s skin for the majority of the day and night. As a parent you want to make sure that everything your baby comes into contact with is safe and gentle for them to be around. Let’s look into exactly what shouldn’t be in your baby’s diapers, and the safer option to have in your diaper bag for your little one.  

The Kinds of Chemicals Conventional Diaper Companies Use

Some of the harmful and dangerous chemicals in diapers are chlorine, bleach, artificial fragrances, dyes, and phthalates. Phthalates are a category of chemical plastics that are used to make substances feel softer. It takes a ton of different chemicals to make those diapers super absorbent including tiny crystals that make up Super Absorbent Polymers (SAP). These crystals all come from a form of petroleum, which isn’t healthy for baby’s skin because they have been proven to contain dangerous chemicals. 

What You Should Use for Your Baby Instead

Happy Little Camper makes diapers that are chlorine-free and bleach-free, without any harmful VOCs or toxic adhesives to come in contact with your baby’s delicate system. They are truly the better alternative to conventional diapers that are full of nasty chemicals. 

As an organically clean baby care company, Happy Little Camper makes all natural, but absorbent diapers that work. With clean ingredients that won’t pose a health risk to your baby, their full line of diapers and wipes are a natural cotton base made with organic aloe vera. In fact, they work better than conventional diapers on all fronts with a Bio-Core Blend that is incredibly absorbent. No blowouts or leaks here for your baby. 

You’ll love how they pamper and soothe your baby’s skin with organic Vitamin E as well. Less diaper rash equals a happier baby. Happy Little Camper has also partnered with actress and super mom, Hilary Duff, who uses the line on her own children. 

Order Your Happy Little Camper Diaper Bundles Today

You can order a bundle of Happy Little Camper diapers to save on over 35 percent of the retail cost. It comes with a one-month supply of diapers and wipes, which you can also set to have delivered on a three, four, or five week basis. The convenience of not having to shop for diapers and wipes is helpful to any household with a new baby. Plus, the relief of knowing that Happy Little Camper diapers are the safest and most effective on the market today for your baby’s health is truly priceless.