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February 12, 2019 2 min read

Man and Woman on a Dinner Date

Love is in the air, but if you're a parent, sometimes the last thing you think about is keeping the spark alive. You're probably exhausted after a full workday, picking up the kids from preschool or school, getting dinner ready, bath-time, reading a book before bed…ugh! By the time the kids are asleep, all you want to do is curl up in bed, forget catching up on your favorite Netflix show.

Couple in Love Outdoors

Why Date-Night Matters

Parents need to understand that quality time with each other isn’t a waste of time. Sure, you could be changing more diapers, working longer hours, making sure the home is in order, and of course, sleeping. But, making time, even if you’ve got to schedule it, is super important. When you make time for your significant other, not only does it help restore your bond, but date-night can be reinvigorating.

Ultimately, being a Mom and Dad is exhausting. Raising kids takes a lot of responsibility, it can often be stressful, and nerve-wracking. Stress can hinder a relationship. Arguments can erupt over household chores or clashing parental styles. There are real benefits to having a date night, especially after having a baby.

Moms, when you’re pregnant, you worry about the health of the baby and learn everything there is onprenatal infection prevention. Mom and Dad, now that baby’s here, don’t skimp on the health of your relationship.

Here are five reasons why date night is essential for your relationship

  1. Habituation: You get used to each other and "settle in." Research shows that lack of fun and novelty can harm a relationship.
  2. Destress: Stress is not good on the body or for the mind, and can wreak havoc in a committed relationship.
  3. Builds Commitment: Date night helps to replenish the “love tank” and can even help spice things up.
  4. Communication: Provides private time away from the kids to restore dialogue and healthy communication.
  5. Re-energizes: Gives you a break from the kid(s), so you can unwind, enjoy a cocktail or a nice dinner and even catch a movie that's not animated or G-rated.

Bring Back The Spark!

Look at Valentine's Day as not just another eye-rolling sappy holiday created by a bunch of romantics that are likely newlyweds without kids and a mortgage. Look at it as an investment in your relationship. Because habituation is normal, most couples become accustomed to one another. Love often takes work, quality time, and effort on both parties to keep the spark alive.

Warning: Mom and Dad, if you’re not too careful on Valentine's date night, you'll needHappy Little Camper diapers + wipes in 9 months.


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