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March 13, 2017 2 min read

We use a combination of wipes in our household, both cloth and disposable. And I’ve tried a ton of different natural baby wipes brands, so I sort of consider myself a baby wipes connoisseur (if that’s a thing).

Some of the things I look for in a wipe are:

  • Strong/Durable – Wipes that are too thin tend to tear into pieces – not something you want when your arms deep in baby poo
  • Moist – Too dry of a wipe just doesn’t do the job right
  • Replenishing – It drives me nuts when I have to go searching for the next wipe in the bag
  • Natural Ingredients – baby skin is sensitive – I need to know that all of the ingredients are safe and natural
  • No animal byproducts – I try to do as little harm as possible, so having wipes that are cruelty free are essential to me

Happy Little Camper is all of these things.

Happy Little Camper is made from 100% cotton, making them very durable and more environmentally friendly than other brands. They are free from chlorine, alcohol, fragrance and parabens – no scary chemicals here! They are hypoallergenic, and contain organic aloe vera, leaving skin feeling both cleansed and moisturized.

The wipes themselves are durable and feel slightly cloth like. I had no problem using them to clean up tough messes both on my toddler’s bottom, and his face. I’ve even used them to give Ethan’s high chair a quick wipe down before disinfecting. They’ve held up great! No rips or tears. They’re also the perfect amount of moistness, not too wet and not too dry. The packaging has an easy close door that ensures the wipes don’t dry out between uses (and my toddler loves to play with).

Best of all is the ingredients list. Nothing weird here. No alcohol or fragrance to dry or irritate skin. No chlorine, silicone, parabens or pesticide residue. I feel good about using these on my toddler, and soon to be newborn baby. I’ve even used these on myself a few times (pregnancy is weird) and have had no issues. Which is good, since if I wouldn’t use it on myself, I wouldn’t use it on my kids. These wipes are also cruelty free and vegan – no animal testing and no animal ingredients.

Happy Little Camper baby wipes are a great addition to any home and diaper bag. Their care and commitment to a safe and natural product is apparent in their ingredients and I feel great using these on my kids.

Happy Little Camper baby wipes are available in a variety of counts and can be purchased on, SaveMart, WinCo and Lucky. For more information and a store locator, check out the Happy Little Camper website.

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