The best all natural mom friendly wipes

I’ve always been a Target mom but I’ve definitely branched out to other avenues when it comes finding a product for a potty training three-year old. Even after three years I’m still using wipes. They weren’t joking when they said you would use wipes for everything. My mother in law asks me all the time for a wipe when having to wipe down her couch. I’ve even done the motherly thing of running out of my makeup remover and I end up using wipes.

Now that my son is three and far into the potty training phase finding a product that will help him through it, is important. He’s been what you call a lazy learner so it’s been a hard process. There have been quite a few accidents but that’s okay. 

When Happy Little Camper reached out wanting us to try out these wipes we couldn’t say no. I was so glad we did. They weren’t cheap, didn’t smell bad and the texture was great. The best part was the moisture. Being natural based was a huge factor for me especially since I normally purchase the store brand types. They could clean up a mess big or small, potty or non potty. For a toddler you always want them to use something they are willing to know and trust and this is definitely something my son could use on his own if I told him to.

Yes you can still use them for everything moms use them for.

If your looking for an all natural based product for your toddler Happy Little Campers is your go to. They are available in some stores, but you can visit their website to order in different variations.

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