Proud to be a Happy Little Camper mom

A few weeks ago, Happy Little Camper reached out to me to share their “NO” story – NO chemicals, NO dyes, NO fragrances. I was offered complimentary travel pack wipes in exchange for an honest review on their unscented, non toxic, 100% natural cotton, organic aloe vera wipes. Did I mention they are free of harmful chemicals, hypoallergenic, and biodegradable with packaging that uses recycled material?

First time using Happy Little Camper baby wipes. Ultra soft and thick!

Jay has sensitive skin and Zay struggles with Eczema so convincing me to make chances on what’s working for them is hard and almost never happens but I decided to give Happy Little Camper baby wipes a try for the following reasons:

✓   100% Natural Cotton

✓   Organic Aloe Vera

✓   Non toxic, No Harmful Chemicals

✓   Hypoallergenic, Unscented

Also, Happy Little Camper baby wipes do NOT contain the following:

X  Synthetics, Harmful Chemicals, Dyes

X  Fragrances, Polyethylene Glycols (PEGS), Ethyl Alcohol

X  Parabens, Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET), and Silicon 

Zay threw a toy at Jay and busted his lip. All I had in my purse were Happy Little Camper baby wipes.

They got the job done and not once did he mention the wipes causing his fresh wound any discomfort.

The boys love Happy Little Camper baby wipes and have expressed it verbally.

Jay (5): “Mom, I really like that the wipes didn’t break when I was cleaning because then my fingers would of gotten full of poop and that would of been gross.”

 Zay (4): “They didn’t burn! And they didn’t leave my butt wet or itchy mom!”

Happy Little Camper products truly are different. All products are designed and formulated for sensitive skin, yet you won’t find the premium price to go with the wipes. These wipes have shut me up, proved me wrong, and changed my mind. Thank you for sharing your mission with us and turning us into proud contributors, supporters, and customers!

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