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May 17, 2017 1 min read

I’m always looking for products that will work for my little ones sensitive skin. Well this product found us and we were more than pleased. There’s nothing better than finding a company who puts the health of costumers first there wipes are 100% natural and cotton. So not only do they not irritate my little ones skin but there soft to touch. I was most surprised with the size of the wipes, they were larger than the typical baby wipes from other brands giving buyers more for their buck.

Let’s talk perks the wipes are chlorine and alcohol free as well as fragrance free. They continued to stay moist and not leave my little one with dry skin. Them being all natural I’m able to use the wipes on his face, hands and bottoms. I would recommend these wipes to all parents with children under 5 because there at an affordable price, great packaging and durable a parents worst nightmare can be going through numerous wipes for one simple diaper change. Did I mention how adorable the packaging is with the little owl? Link below to snag these Happy Little Campers wipes for your little one as well.

Thank you so much Happy Little Campers your an life saver. We will definitely be a reoccurring user.

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