Make Babies Happy With Happy Little Camper Wipes

Make babies happy with Happy Little Camper wipes is a must when you bring home your newborn from the hospital. Everything has to be perfect for your bundle of joy, from the bottles, rocking chair to the wipes you clean their bum with. No worries about dyes, chemicals, perfumes and other unwanted ingredients, Happy Little Camper wipes is perfect for your nursery.

Happy Little Camper Wipes help leave your baby’s skin feeling soft and conditioned so your baby is happy getting on her diaper. Dermatologically tested, pure natural cotton with soothing, Organic Aloe Vera, and No harmful chemicals, no synthetics, no dyes – ever, you won’t have to worry about your baby getting irritated. It’s a worry free wipe.

No chlorine, no ethyl alcohol, no silicone, no fragrance, no parabens, no PEG, no PET, Happy Little Campers only put in the “Good Stuff”. The wipes are large and cover a lot of surface area. No more little wipes! Great for the family when out in the park or at the beach. Great for quick cleanups or to freshen up you or the children anytime, anywhere!

My best friend, Rose brought home her first child in December. Little Lily is precious and the apple of her parents’ eye. I sent Rose the wipes to see how she liked them. Currently, she had used wipes from Baby R Us to Wal-Mart.

I told her about Happy Little Campers and she wanted to try them out! As you can see from the picture above, Miss Lily is going through a diaper change. The only difference is they are using a Happy Little Camper wipe. They’re soft, strong and perfect for her sensitive skin! So much better than any other brand of wipes Rose and her husband tried! Rose told me that they wished they had always used these. They have the perfect amount of wetness, plus they are completely toxic-free with aloe Vera. Little Lily didn’t complain much either!

My thoughts on Happy Little Camper wipes is that I wished I had these when my son was a baby and toddling! I love how big they are and how much surface area they cover. It is great to keep in a baby bag or a purse for that matter. You never know when you are going to need one and with kids, that’s all the time it seems.

I like the way they feel when you clean your hands or a baby’s bottom. They made my hands feel so soft. They don’t have a perfume scent to them, so I don’t smell like a chemical. The cloth itself is soft and durable. I really liked that. It just has everything I like about a wipe wrapped up in a neat little package.

You don’t have to worry about your wipes drying out. They have a neat little flap that shuts after every use to keep them moist and ready to go. I like that they’re septic friendly, since a lot of people in my area are on a septic system, this is perfect!

I know Happy Little Camper has changed my friends standards in a baby wipes and I think they will make you a fan too! Rose told me that she wouldn’t use any other brand on Lily but Happy Little Campers.

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