Happy Little Camper Baby Wipes Review

There’s one item I definitely underestimated the importance of having with not only an infant but in life: baby wipes. From changing diapers, wiping faces or just quick clean up, wipes are crucial to have everywhere.

We’ve recently been introduced to Happy Little Camper wipes & these are my favorite to have at Jackson’s high chair – solid middle ground to be used for multiple things! What makes them different than the rest? They’re 100% natural cotton, eco-friendly & affordable baby wipes. Perfect for those families who are just starting to grow, concerned about the environment & on a budget.


Natural means their cotton wipes are hypoallergenic, made with natural materials (cotton) / lotions, the cotton isn’t bleached with chlorine & non-GMO.

They are fragrant free & don’t contain those harmful chemicals, synthetics or dyes. Enriched with organic aloe vera that leaves skin super soft, it’s gentle enough to use wipe after wipe on babies fresh skin & not irritate them. 

The wipes themselves are soft yet thick for an easy, one wipe clean & are biodegradable with packaging from recycled material. Talk about eco-friendly.

Happy Little Camper makes five (5) different kinds of wipes: septic safe flushables (50 count for $3.99), septic safe flushable multipack wipes (150 count for $8.99), all cotton multipack wipes (216 count for $8.99), all cotton wipes (72 count for $4.99) & travel pack all cotton (3 packs of 20 for $5.99).

It’s pretty impossible to have too many wipes! Honestly, I feel like they should be scattered around the house like phone chargers but that’s just me. Between Jackson spitting up on himself, changing diapers, wiping the counters or even cleaning the computer keyboard, there is a use for these wipes. Like I said before, these are ideal for those families just getting started with a budget! At less than 10 bucks a pop at the most for a multipack, Happy Little Camperwipes are more than affordable! & so much nicer on your babies little booty.


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