Happy Little Camper Baby Wipes are Amazing Wipes

These wipes are delicate on babies skin. I love how soft they are and there is no fragrance or chemicals. The wipes are thick and not overly wet. The wipes do not rip either. I have used many brands of wipes and these are my favorite because of how they feel.

They have 2 different types of wipes: flushable or all cotton baby wipes. The flushable wipes are good for potty training toddlers because they are flushable. I enjoy using the baby wipes because they  are great for wiping faces, fingers and baby's bum. You can purchase these wipes at a variety of stores and also online. 

Here is a link to their website. You can purchases different sizes of packages. You can buy their travel sets for around 3 sets of 20 for $5.99. The single packages of wipes cost $3.99 or you can buy packages for around $8.99. I love both types of wipes and purchase them for my family. I recommend them for anyone with kids.

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