Friday Finds

Happy Friday!! If I could describe this week in one word it would be “rollercoaster” I started the week off with very minimal sleep since the poor baby is teething badly but ended up recovering with naps and rest here and there in order to make it through. I did make it through without calling off sick! I haven’t had the time to do a decent post throughout the week, but my Friday Finds are a must share. So here is what I have loved this week:

Happy Little Camper baby wipes:

I mainly love them because they are natural and they are made of cotton and are super gentle on my baby’s skin. I really use wipes for everything and I have a box in each room in the rouse and in the cars. I sweep the floors with them, I remove make up, I clean dirty shoes, I wipe dust off of outdoor furniture… you name it.

But the bottom line is that when I use them on my baby my conscious is clear because they are all natural. You can buy these online here or find them at Winco Food stores.

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