Focus On Our Happy Little Camper

Summer is right around the corner, but in Minnesota the weather definitely makes it seem like it has already been summer for a month already, and we love it. 

I know you have probably noticed a sporadicness (is that even a word?) In the blogging, but there’s a good reason for that. I have been focusing on living in the moment and honestly the moments lately just have not called for paying attention to a screen. 

But I am going to take a little time to share with you why this moment called for a little blog update…to focus on being a Happy Little Camper

I’m sitting here watching my little dude play in a new sandbox, and he loves getting dirty. We were planting flowers a couple of days ago and he sat in the dirt entertaining himself for quite while, thus the idea to surprise him with a new sandbox was born. 

I think most of us know a kid like that, or were a kid like that or have a kid like that.

If you don’tt have or know a kid like this, I’m going to tell you a little secret. They don’t just wait until they are outside or in a sandbox to make a mess…crazy, right? 

So that why I always keep a package of wipes handy in the play area and in our living room. And right now you will find a Happy Little Camper package within reach. 

I received this product to review and share with readers and as I’ve said before I love having the chance to try new things and let you guys know about them.
These things have no dyes or chemicals and are pretty durable. With aloe as one of the ingredients I know they are soothing whether I use them for diaper changes or cleaning leftover PB and J from tiny, toddler hands. 

If you want more info you can check their website out and order some for yourself. 

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