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April 20, 2017 3 min read

Both of my kids have very sensitive skin, so we are very careful about everything that touches them. But life happens. Of course, the few times I have decided to leave the diaper bag at home were apparently the perfect opportunities for the kids to muster up all their strength and blow one out of the diapers. This resulted in me sprinting to the nearest store that carried baby products so that I could change them right away. I swear they do this to us parents on purpose just to see us panic and sweat. Just look at this evil (but yet so adorable) expression!

For both of my kids, if I use diapers or wipes that are not all natural on their tushies, the consequence is usually a bad diaper rash even from just one application of the products. I have learned my lesson and when possible, I always stick with 100% natural products for my children. Therefore, when I received the opportunity to try out Happy Little Camper baby wipes, I jumped at the chance.

Natural, Safe Ingredients

Happy Little Camper baby wipes contain all-natural ingredients and zero chemicals or other harsh detergents. For babies who are prone to eczema like my kids, the wipes are fragrance-free, hypoallergenic, and contain organic aloe vera for addition moisture. Let’s break it down further:

No chlorine

No silicones

No parabens

No ethyl alcohol


And as parents, we have to admit, we use baby wipes to clean much more than the bums. When your baby sneezes and a whole bunch of snot shoots out, you grab what you can to contain the mess, and sometimes all you have are the wipes. Or when your baby decides to turn the food pouch into a volcano and explode all its contents all over his/her body, you, the stroller, and even the dog, using wet wipes is the best way to clean everything up. With no harmful chemicals and toxins in its ingredients, I feel safe using the wipes on other parts of the baby’s body and on myself.

Gentle on the Skin

These wipes are pure 100% natural non-GMO cotton. They almost feel more like very thin washcloths than wipes. Therefore, they are soft and gentle on my baby’s delicate skin.

The moisture content is slightly less than what I am used to, but I believe that is a positive for the Happy Little Camper baby wipes. Excessive moisture in the skin makes it easier for diaper rash to develop, so I often leave my baby’s bottom exposed to the air for a few minutes prior to putting the diaper rash cream on to protect the skin. Just make sure you use the wipes immediately after you take them out of the package and reseal the package properly so that the wipes don’t dry out.

Strong and Durable

The last thing we want when we are arm-deep in poop is to have wimpy wipes. We need tough wipes that could live through multiple wipes and not disintegrate and rip in our hands. Although these days I am quite immune to anything disgusting, say, poop on my hands, I still rather avoid the icky situation when possible. To test Happy Little Camper baby wipe’s strength, we put it to the ultimate test – tug-of-war with baby Zoe.

You will notice that the wipe stayed strong throughout the tug-of-war, and despite Zoe’s best efforts to tear the wipe in two after she won the fight and took the wipe away from mommy, the wipe stayed intact.

If your kid has delicate, sensitive skin, I recommend you give these wipes a try! We feel good about the pure, natural, and organic ingredients in these wipes and happy with how well the wipes performed. Check out the Happy Little Camper website for more information on where to buy and product details.

What other baby products do you feel good about?

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