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March 14, 2017 3 min read

After Easton arrived, it took me at least three months to figure out what my diaper bag essentials really were. I am an over packer by nature, and so it seemed like the bag was always stuffed to the brim!  This made it next to impossible to find what you actually needed, when you needed it.  I can’t tell you how many times Easton would spit up or have a blow out and my husband or I would be frantically digging through the diaper bag, while the other one of us was holding Easton at arms length, probably dripping in some kind of bodily fluid, yelling at the other one to hurry up!  After one too many of these episodes, I’ve figured out what we really need and what makes life easier when we are out and about with an infant.

As with the rest of our baby products, and our life in general, I try to stay as natural and eco-friendly as possible when we are out and about.  This means looking for and using products that are free from additives, chemicals, etc. and that are safe for a baby’s delicate skin and self.


Happy Little Camper All Natural Cotton Baby Wipes are essential!  Yes, mainly for dirty diapers, but also for everything else!  They are totally free from harmful additives and are made from 100 percent, natural, non GMO cotton,  Perfect for wiping dirty bums or dirty cheeks, or anything really!

5 (or so) diapers.  When we first started packing Easton’s diaper bag, we had A TON of diapers in it, because, you know… we might get stranded in some remote place overnight that has no access to a store with diapers?  The reality is, you probably won’t ever be somewhere with an infant for more than a few hours, so save the room and just remember to restock each time you get home!

Plastic shopping bags. These WILL come in handy.  I use them for dirty diapers and to put soiled clothes in after baby accidents. I originally got a neat little gadget similar to the rolls of pet waste bags, but the refills were expensive and I had an overflowing container of plastic shopping bags in my pantry waiting to be used.  Also, you could just use pet waste bags, they are much cheaper than the fancy baby ones and do the same thing.  Why is baby stuff always 1,000 times more expensive?!

Hand sanitizer.  Good for post diaper changes until you can get to a sink.  Also good for making other people use before touching your precious newborn and you are still a neurotic, overprotective mom of said newborn.

2 sets of back-up clothes.  Because as you are changing your baby into the first set of back-up clothes, they will have another blowout.  It’s Murphy’s law or something.

Several toys, rattles, etc.  You won’t need these at first, but now we make sure never leave without some.  They can make all the difference between a fussy baby and one who can tolerate the grocery store check-out line for just a little longer!

So that’s it. This is what I have found that are the only things I really NEED in my diaper bag.  What are your infant diaper bag essentials?

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