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November 01, 2018 2 min read

halloween costumes
Every small moment as well as milestone in the life of our little ones matter. After all, they are only young once. So, while the Fallmeans the beginning of a potentially stressful holiday season, remember you’re building memories that will last a lifetime.
Baby’s Brain Development
Speaking of memories, your chubby cherub might be growing faster than you’d prefer. He or she is likely outgrowing clothes, diapers, and shoes at an alarming rate. However, nothing is growing nearly as fast as your child’s brain! Did you know that a newborn’s brain will more than double in size within the first 90 days and reach up to 55 percent of its adult size? By the time baby is around 9 months old, crying when mom leaves signals long-term memory development. Essentially a child begins to build an emotional association with events and individuals.
Why Parent Participation Matters
Because your child is growing so quickly, parent participation is vital in the early years. In fact, research has shown that a child’s personality is developed by the age of 5 years old. Research also shows that babies who are read to daily have an advanced set of vocabulary and mathematical skills compared to other kids their age.
Halloween Is More Than Dress Up
Participating in Halloween is more than dressing up. It’s more than forcing the hubby to transform into Popeye, you becoming Olive Oyl and your little one, Swee’Pea. It’s about building family moments, spending quality time with the ones you love, and providing your child’s rapidly growing brain healthy childhood memories. So, why not take a silly picture of your cutie pie and give him or her something to be embarrassed about when they’re adults? Childhood happens only once. Let’s cherish the tender years and make every moment count!
How To Win Big With Happy Little Camper
Send us a picture of your darling!
Three lucky winners will be judged on the following costume criteria:
  • Most Creative Costume
  • Best Homemade
  • Funniest
What Will The Lucky Mamas Win?
  • Happy Little Campers Diapers + Wipes Box ($79.95 value)
  • $50 Target Gift Card
Build Lasting Family Fun Memories!