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January 13, 2017 2 min read

I was offered an opportunity to give an honest review of 100% natural cotton baby wipes from the company; Happy Little Camper. Since I have a small child in diapers and I only use natural products for my child’s diapering needs; I felt this was a perfect product for me to give a review on. I am quite picky of what products and their ingredients that I use with my child so after reading about the company on their website; I was impressed and excited to try the products.

My package was shipped promptly and I was surprised at how fast it arrived during the busy holiday season. I appreciate companies that are fast with their shipping process. Inside the package was a regular size and a trial size package of wipes; along with a brochure. The brochure was cute and listed many great perks of the product such as the wipes being totally chlorine free, fragrance free, silicone free, 100% natural cotton, biodegradable and more! This was all awesome news to read since I only want to use the safest products that I can possibly find for my family.

My child’s father and I both used these paraben free wipes and had zero complaints. I also loved that the wipes were available in a travel size since we do a lot of traveling. The website has an area to shop; and I prefer online shopping so this was a perk for me. I saw I could get a three pack of wipes for under ten dollars! Now there is no excuse to not use the safest products for your babies and children since natural products can also be affordable. I feel a sense of relief knowing I am not putting such harsh chemicals on my little one also. As a mother; I want to protect my child as much as possbile and after educating myself so much over the last few years about how so many popular companies use harmful chemicals in their products that have been linked to cancers and hormonal imbalances for example; I have been very picky about what products I want absorbing on my child or my skin.  After all; our skin is our largest organ.

Happy Little Camper did not compensate me for this review; I agreed to just try this product and share what I felt about the wipes. Thank you; Happy Little Camper for allowing me to participate in this review for you. These wipes would also make great baby shower gifts for expecting mothers.

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